Saturday, August 20, 2011

My 7 Links

Recently, I was invited by my blogger friend Amelia of Z Tasty Life to participate in the "My 7 links" project started by Katie from Tripbase. The purpose of this project is to "unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again."

1- Most beautiful post: Up until now my husband has been the photographer for this blog. That will change soon though since with his new job he'll be too busy, so I'm about to step up to the plate! For me, the Parting Shots post is probably one of the most beautiful posts because it captures his view of our two years living in Rome and was a chance to say goodbye to our time there.


Fountain at Piazza Navona


2-Most popular: Tuscan Wild Boar Ragu comes in first place for most popular. It's one of the best recipes on the blog, too. Looking back at this post I feel nostalgic for the aroma of the sauce smell simmering for hours, the taste of it on my fork and the long, lazy afternoon spent in the company of our friends sharing an elaborate meal.

Tuscan Wild Boar Ragu

3- Most controversial: Circle of Life. I was a bit conflicted about writing this post. I wasn't sure I wanted to make public certain details of my life, like the death of my mother. But she was my first and most significant food influence and on the 20th anniversary of her death it seemed important that I mark that in some way. This post confirmed for me that my blog is an extension of myself, a creative outlet and not just a place to post recipes.

Italian bread wreath

4- Most helpful post: Ricotta Mousse with Fragoline di Bosco is the simplest, most delicious recipe to whip up in seconds and impress friends on any occasion. It's not rocket science, it's just tasty.


5- Post whose success surprised me: The Nonna Elena series, including Gnocchi on Thursdays, Nonna Elena's Crostata di Marmellata, Gnocchi alla Romana, and Pasta, Made in Italy. My years in Rome would not have been the same had I not sought out Italian friends from all walks of life. Looking back on these posts, I remember Elena's smile and loving willingness to teach me, asking only friendship in exchange. She and I have been emailing since I left Rome and she writes to me with such wonder that she, an "old Italian nonna" made a young American friend with such a different life path.





6- Post I didn't feel got the attention it deserved: Local Flavor and Coda alla Vaccinara. When people found out I lived in Rome, I got a lot of envious comments. To be honest, it wasn't always easy living there, but I made the best of it by really connecting with the people in my neighborhood. These two posts described my shopping trips, the flavor of life on the street in a regular old neighborhood in Rome. The kind of thing you don't see or experience when you're on vacation there.


Loiodice butchers

7-Post I am most proud of: Pasta, Made in Italy. Since the birth of my son Roman almost two years ago I have taken on fewer big culinary projects. Before we left Italy I realized I would feel like a complete failure if I hadn't tackled fresh, hand rolled pasta. One phone call to Nonna Elena changed that and within a few days of practicing her technique, I had a new skill under my apron.



Now I will nominate the following five bloggers to continue this project. I encourage you to check out their blogs, they are some of my favorite reads:


  1. You have created something very special in this space. I hope you continue for a very long time.

  2. Tracy- Thanks so much for your kind words. I plan on keeping on, blogging has become a natural part of my life.

  3. Thanks Nicole! I have been away on vacation so I am catching up as I can today! What a cool idea here! I agree w/Tracy and you know I have said it before, your blog is beautiful!!! I will work on this... :) xo

  4. Your relationship with Nonna Elena seems another beautiful friendship, like yours with Sal. When I read "My years in Rome would not have been the same had I not sought out Italian friends from all walks of life." I paused. New friendships do not simply roll out before us. We need to reach out. Thank you for reminding me of this.

  5. Nicole: you make me look at people and places and food of my country with such longing. I adore your openess to new things in life

  6. Denise- as someone who moves practically every 2 years, I have no choice but to put myself out there, otherwise I'd be alone all the time. I've been so lucky to meet some really special people that way.

    Amelia, thank you, I always appreciate your words!

  7. new to your blog, I've enjoyed reading your special 7---a fun project that I've had the pleasure to join in and do as well.
    Pasta under the guidance of Nonna Elena--wonderful.


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