Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Chocolate Mascarpone Icebox Cake

There is something about the way the mascarpone enriches the heavy cream, and softens the chocolate wafers without making them soggy... it's enough to make even this bitter winter fade away for just a while, leaving me fully content with this one perfect (yes, perfect) thing.


Chocolate Mascarpone Icebox Cake
Adapted from The Magnolia Bakery Cookbook and Ina Garten's icebox cake

I made two of these recently for a friend's 1940's themed 40th birthday.  I used two springform pans like Ina Garten does, to be sure they would be neatly and safely transported via taxi cab.  But I admit I like the looks of this free-form somewhat messy cake, stacked just slightly off kilter.  Any cream you happen to have left over should go on top of a rich cup of hot chocolate.

2 cups heavy cream
8 ounces mascarpone
1 teaspoon vanilla
½ cup sugar
1 teaspoon instant espresso powder
2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
1 ½ packages Nabisco chocolate wafer cookies

In a large bowl whip the cream, mascarpone, vanilla, sugar, espresso powder and unsweetened cocoa powder until soft peaks form, being careful not to over whip.  To assemble the cake, on a flat plate at lease 9 inches in diameter, arrange seven chocolate wafers, with one wafer in the center and six wafers surrounding it.  Scoop about ¾ cup of cream onto the wafers, and holding them securely in place, gently spread the cream on top of them.  Continue to layer the wafers and the cream, making sure to end with a whipped cream layer on top.  Refrigerate for at least 5 hours, or overnight before cutting and serving.  Shave some good dark chocolate over top for a garnish.  


  1. Okay, sounding totally awesome - just what I like, doesn't require perfection or a ton of ingredients - and it has chocolate!

  2. Perfect for sure. Looks like a fun cake to make, Nicole. Hope you all are staying warm.

  3. Always great to see you back, so excited when I find a new post up. This looks really good, too bad I am trying to be a "good girl" these days.
    P.S. you posted the pictures in slideshow mode on purpose right? Just in case...

  4. this cake is part of the cakes for which I am sure I could develop cravings! I wonder if it would keep in the freezer? one tip I learned is to add powdered milk if freezing cream.


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