My name is Nicole. 

My father named me Nicole, with French pronunciation, but growing up no one could ever say it right.

I was born and raised in Massachusetts, but over the years, I've lived in Paris, Madrid, Tunis, Rome and even Iraq.  All of these places have added color to my culinary palate.

This blog is about my life and the things I eat. It's about nourishing my family, creating food traditions and celebrating zest for life. It began on the cobblestoned streets of Rome and has now traveled with me to the cobblestones of Tribeca, New York City and to Northern VA which we now call home.

"And Baby Cakes Three" because my husband and I were "two" for a long time, and then along came baby Roman, and now he's part of our life adventure. (Update: We welcomed baby Ethan on September 15, 2012!!)

I imagine, I cook, I photograph, I write. These are my culinary adventures with my babes in tow, wherever we are on the globe.

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